Paul Visentini - Host & Lecturer

Paul Visentini is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, with his awarded sub-speciality in the area of lower limb tendinopathy. He also completed post graduate studies in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1994, and designed the “VISA Score”, a widely used functional outcome measure for Patellar Tendinopathy.

Paul is a keen recreational cyclist and is highly involved in teaching and management in the area of Bike Set-Up and ‘Mastering Load’. He has been involved in Cycling Injury Management at both elite and recreational level, having consulted to the AIS in Varese, and is undertaking his Doctorate in Physiotherapy, investigating “Clinical Measures of the Closed Kinetic Chain in Cycling”. 

Paul is a leading clinician in Melbourne, Australia, and has a passion for cycling injury management, the evidence base involved, and the clinical reasoning process required to achieve the best result.

The ‘ScienceOfCycling-Injury Prevention’ is a platform for the education of Cycling Injury Practitioners world-wide, and the associated course has now been presented by Paul in Melbourne, Varese, Italy and Newcastle, Australia.

Borut fonda - M. Sc.

Borut is a former mountain biker in the Olympic discipline cross country. After ending his career as a cyclist he started working as a cycling coach and consultant for body position optimisation. He completed his undergraduate study in Sports Conditioning at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, and a Masters in Exercise Physiology at the University of Primorska. He is currently in the final stages of a PhD at the University of Birmingham, with a research focus in biomechanics, motor control and ergonomics during cycling.

His overall aim is to design modern guidelines and a measurement protocol for bike fitting for individuals with different objectives and needs.

He is head of the S2P Cycling Science programme, on which he has worked intensively for the last few years. He helped to design and produce the multi-awarded patent for an adjustable seat post.  He has many scientific and professional publications to his name, in the areas of motor control, biomechanics, recovery and ergonomics. He regularly consults with professional cyclists and coaches worldwide.

trish wisbey-roth

Trish has been with the Australian Cycling Team and Olympic Physiotherapist, is one of the select group of Australia's first specialist Sports Physiotherapists (awarded 2010) and is also recognised as a Fellow of the Australian College of Sports Medicine. She is s Sports Specialist in the area of lower back, pelvic and hip problems. Trish is known for her expertise in the management and treatment of musical-skeletal problems with emphasis on spinal stabilisation & functional progression muscle stability programs (cervical & lower-back). A physiotherapist with over 20 years experience, Trish has completed both a Sports Physiotherapy Masters at the AIS Canberra and a Post Graduate Manipulative therapy training in the Kaltenbourne/Evyneth system. She has led BikeFit Physiotherapy education in Australia and is one of Australia's most experienced BikeFit physiotherapists. 



Michael Pratt, BA (hons)Sports Science, is a prominent age group triathlete and leading Triathlon coach in Australia. He is a World Championship medallist, a multiple Australian and Victorian Champion, as well as a Triathlon Australia Performance Coach, Performance Director at ASF Triathlon and a Head Coach Yarra-Tri Club.

With a sports science background and over 20 years coaching experience, Michael has had great success in coaching triathletes of all abilities, and has helped over 100 athletes achieve their goal of being selected to Australian teams at both elite and age group level.

Finally, Michael has guided many European Racing and Training tours, covering some of the great sights and climbs of Europe. His experience as a coach, sports scientist, lecturer and ride guide is second to none!


Angus has completed both a Doctor of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science degree and has a keen interest in both injury management but also high performance. Angus also holds both industry and physiotherapy specific accreditations as a bike fitter.

He has a passion for endurance sports and has been heavily involved in the sports of cycling and triathlon both as a therapist and a competitor. He has engaged in the injury management and performance enhancement of many different sporting groups including Bayside Triathlon Club, African Wildlife Safaris Cycling, DRAPAC Professional Cycling, United Health Care and a number of professional level triathletes.