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SCIENCE of cycling caen 1

Paul Visentini AUS,  Andy Brook UK (IBFI president, Sports scientist, PhD Candidate in TT optimization),  Wendy Holliday STH AFRICA (Cape Town Univ PHD Candidate ‘Static versus dynamic Measures and EMG in normal cyclists’, Physiotherapist),  Joris Verryt BELGIUM(Bakala Institute, Bike Fitter, Physiotherapist),  Curtis Cramlett USA (PT, Bikefitter, Medicine of cycling convenor)


SCIENCE of cycling caen 2

Paul Visentini AUS,  Curtis Cramlett USA (PT, Bikefitter, Medicine of cycling convenor), Borut Fonda SLOVENIA (Ass Prof University of Primorska, S2P Bike Fitter and Sports Scientist),  Patrick Guillaume LUXEMBORG (Sports Physiotherapist, Bikefitter).


Specialist physiotherapy

The role of Specialist Sports Physiotherapists and Fellows of the Australian College of Physiotherapy discussed by Leanne Rath FACP and Paul Visentini FACP.  A short conversation explaining why one would visit a Specialist Physiotherapist and how the Specialists’ practice differs from that of a Sports Physiotherapist.


Leanne rath discussing the hip and groin

Leanne Rath discusses her multiplanar approach to assessment of hip and pelvis dysfunction with a specific emphasis upon scoliosis. A different view to assessing the lumbar-pelvis-hip region in the context of whole body movement and dynamical systems.


the dream team of load managment

Physiosports own Mastering Load Symposium in 2016 hosted some of the world’s best researchers and clinicians in the area of athletic training load management.  Dr Tim Gabbett, Dr Alex Kountouris, Dr Darren Burgess, Mr Michael Drew share insights into the principles that underpin successful player management.

They give specific examples from football codes and cricket at the elite level. They also discuss what clinicians who do not have access to the full raft of data-gathering technology can do to advise players how to monitor load.