The Role of a Bike Fit in Cyclists with Hip Pain. A Clinical Commentary

– by David J.S. Wadsworth and Patrick Weinrauch

Overuse Injuries in Cycling; the Wheel is Turning Towards Evidence-Based Practice

– by Paul Visentini, Australia and Ben Clarsen, Norway 

The VISA Score: An Index of Severity of Symptoms in Patients with Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendinosis) 

- by Paul Visentini, Karim M Khan, Jill L Cook, Zoltan S Kiss, Peter R Harcourt, John D Wark

The VISA-A Questionnaire: a Valid and Reliable Index of the Clinical Severity of Achilles Tendinopathy

- by J M Robinson, J L Cook, C Purdam, P J Visentini, J Ross, N MaVulli, J E Taunton, K M Khan 

Patellar Tendonisis (Jumpers’s Knee): Histopathology, Sonography and MR

- by Karim Kahn, Fiona Bonar, Patricia Desmond, Jill Cook, Paul Visentini, David Young, Michael Fehrmann, Zolta Kiss, Patricia O’Brien, Peter Harcourt, Richard Dowling, Richard O’Sullivan, Kenneth Crichton, Brian Tress and John Wark

Patellar Tendon Ultrasonography and Jumper’s Knee in Female Basketball Players: A Longitudinal Study

- by Zoltan Kiss, Paul Visentini, Peter Harcourt, Brian Tress and John Wark